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South District Santa Sleigh Schedule


 Santa will leave the fire station at 5:30 each night


November 28th –  Evergreen Shores

November 29th –  Lake Lucinda, Delphi Country Club, Alpine Drive

November 30th –  Camelot, Cougar Ridge, 60th, Fairview

December 1st –     Salmon Shores, Black Lake Park, BlackHawk



North District Santa Sleigh Schedule


Santa will leave the fire station at 5:30 each night

December 5th -   Cedrona, HIdden Ridge, Rainwood Ct.
December 6th      Westwood Estates, Westley Loop, Greencove, Country Club
December 7th –   Ashlynn Estates (off Overhulse), Wood Trails, Kaiser & Cooper Pt, Tamoshan
December 8th –   Brenner, Aspenwall, Summit Lake



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