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McLane Black Lake Fire Department serves a population of over 20,000 people living within the 84 square mile district.  The department provides Basic Life Support (BLS) transport services while Advanced Life Support services (ALS) are provided by Thurston County Medic One from one of five medic units located throughout Thurston County.  The department incorporates a unique blend of career, station residents, and volunteers in our service delivery system. 

  • Visit a fire station during normal business hours to have your blood pressure checked or tour the station and apparatus.

  • The department offers education in fire safety, the use of fire extinguishers, evacuation planning, emergency preparedness, first aid/CPR and various public safety events. 

Career Personnel

The department employs 28 full-time employees. Uniformed employees include three captains, six lieutenants, 15 firefighters, an assistant chief and a fire chief.  Non-uniformed employees include an executive assistant and an administrative assistant.  Career captains and lieutenants work 24-hour shifts while providing supervision to a combination of resident and volunteer firefighters who stand duty in the stations.


Volunteer Firefighters

The department currently maintains a contingency of volunteer firefighters who stand duty in the fire stations to provide assistance for major emergencies.

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