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Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a process by which an organization can envision its future and develop the necessary procedures to enable it to achieve that future.  A strategic plan was developed by members of the McLane Black Lake Fire Department to enable our organization to more effectively and efficiently serve the citizens of Thurston County Fire District No. 9.

In recent years, public demands for service have continued to increase while fiscal resources have continued to decline.  McLane Black Lake Fire Department intends to meet this challenge by being a customer driven organization committed to quality improvement principles.  

The Strategic Planning process involved the following steps:

  • Identifying our mission and vision that will guide us into the future.

  • The evaluation of our organizational strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and challenges that can be expected in the future.  Evaluating these concepts, we could then identify our strategies for the future.

  • Establishing performance measures which will allow us to measure our effectiveness and make service delivery decisions based upon empirical data. 

  • The on-going development of action plans which are used to identify needs and priorities within the annual budgeting process.

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