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Address Signs

Help Us Find Your Address in an Emergency!

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Because seconds may mean the difference between life and death, all residences need to be properly addressed. In an emergency, proper addressing will help emergency crews come to your aid more quickly.

In the event of an emergency, locating the scene of an incident as quickly as possible is the first step in saving lives and property. Unfortunately, we often respond to emergency calls that are difficult to locate.

Why? More often than not, it is because a home is not clearly marked with a visible address.  


The following are a few suggestions that will help us find you in a timely manner:

  • Mark both sides of your mailbox with your address in large, reflective numbers.

  • If your driveway is shared by more than one house, clearly indicate this at the road with a listing of all the addresses on your drive.

  • If your home is one of many houses on a driveway, have a sign at the junction that clearly identifies which house is which.

  • If your home is visible from the street, place the numbers in large, six inch numbers on the house where they can clearly be seen from the street

  • Trim bushes, trees, branches and bramble so that your address is easily seen.    

  • If you call 911 from your neighbor's home be sure to let the 911 dispatcher know the exact location of the emergency.

  • Lastly, have someone go to the end of the driveway and wave us down if possible.


Thurston County code requires house numbers be no less than four inches in height. We recommend a minimum of six inch numbers posted on your residence. The numbers should be visible and legible from the street or road that runs in front of your property and should be in a color that contrasts with the color of your residence.


When mounted on a post or your mailbox, these signs are clearly visible up to 300' away, even at night or in bad weather.


Reflective address signs are available for a nominal cost at Station 91.  For additional information, please Contact Us!

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