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Emergency Medical Services Operations

The McLane Black Lake Fire Department provides Basic Life Support (BLS) service to the community with Firefighter/EMT's on Engines, Aid Units and other emergency equipment.  The Department also provides BLS ambulance transport service for citizens living within the fire district and for other departments on a mutual aid basis.  By providing this service, the a district aid unit (ambulance) can respond and transport immediately, rather than wait for a private ambulance to respond from the Olympia/Lacey area.  

Advanced Life Support (ALS) service is provided by the Thurston County Medic One system, which staffs seven paramedic units strategically placed spread around various parts of Thurston County.  


With nearly 80% of our calls for service being of a medical nature, the department places a strong emphasis on medical training.  In cooperation with Thurston County Medic One and the Countys' Medical Program Director, all of the District's Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) participate in weekly drills and scheduled OTEP training to ensure competency and compliance with state certification requirements.

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